Episode 17: Why I Left – An Unlikely Journey of Faith with Joe McKinney (Part 1)

In this very special episode, Bryce and I sit down with listener and long-time friend, Joe McKinney for a discussion of his faith journey. Joe’s perspective is unique. He grew up in the Apostolic church, but left during his teen years. His journey of faith has taken him on a long and winding path, exploring Buddhism, Catholicism, and Deism along the way. I believe there is a lot that we, as Pentecostals can learn from Joe and people like him; those with a different, maybe even opposing point of view.

We did not challenge Joe on any points of disagreement in this episode. This was intentional, as we simply wanted him to tell his story and share his journey, in his own words. We hope that you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed making it.

Look for part 2 coming soon. The second half is more light-hearted and centers on music and art, rather than theology. We will also be releasing an episode soon that addresses our opinion on the idea of God as a “Clockmaker”. We do have some differing opinions on this idea and wanted to devote an episode to discussing it further.

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Jaredith Mize

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