Bonus Episode: Halloween… Should Christians shun or redeem the day?

We felt that this bonus episode was necessary due to some accusations that were thrown at our church over the past few days. We posted a video promoting our “Trunk or Treat” event on our church’s Facebook page and got some negative feedback. One man went so far as to call us “demonic” and informed us that we were “fake Apostolics” and were “all going to hell”. Such brotherly love… such a Christlike spirit…

We are joined by Bro. Aaron Arrowood, my former youth pastor and current Pastor of Life Apostolic Ministries, Headmaster of Sandy Creek Christian Academy, instructor at Indiana Bible College, and author of “Counter Cultural Youth Ministry”. Bro. Arrowood recorded a discussion on youth ministry and Christian education for episode 12, which will release on November 3rd. He agreed to stick around and record this bonus episode to help us address the issue of Halloween and the church.

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