Episode 6: Church, Drugs & Rock n Roll (Interview with Jaredith Mize, Host)

For 2 Pentecostals and a Microphone host, Jaredith Mize (www.jaredithmize.com), the road to ministry wasn’t a smooth or direct one. In this interview, he recounts his journey of faith. Following an early baptism and infilling of the Holy Ghost, he struggled to relate in the church during his angst-filled teen years and his early twenties. During this period, he played in a rock band that constantly cycled through members, could not overcome philosophical and stylistic differences, and was plagued with terrible circumstances ranging from members going into rehab for heroin addiction to the murder of a band member’s brother to the suicide of a friend in the band’s rehearsal space.

We will hear how he got his life on the right track and came to be in the ministry. This interview covers a lot of ground and also discusses everything from mentors in ministry to different musical influences and favorite books. We hope you all enjoy the episode. Stay tuned later this week for an interview with Bryce Kyle, the other host of 2 Pentecostals and a Microphone.

Thanks for listening!


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