Episode 4: Biblical and Pastoral Directives & Personal Convictions (aka Holiness Standards)

In this episode, the hosts discuss Biblical and pastoral directives for holy living and personal convictions. These are commonly referred to as “holiness standards” and vary widely from church to church, among different organizations, and in different cultures and geographical areas.

Please note that neither Bryce, nor Jaredith claim to be a spiritual authority for any listener. Listeners should heed the voice of their pastor on these issues.

The main purpose of this episode is to clarify the difference between what is Biblical, what is simply the guidance of a pastor, and what is strictly personal. Biblical directives are for everyone, pastoral directives are for a particular pastor’s flock, and personal convictions are solely for the individual and should not be pushed onto anyone else.

Specific examples that are discussed include, facial hair, tattoos, television, shorts on men, and skirts/dresses vs. pants on women.

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/2-pentecostals-a-microphone/id1271186562?mt=2

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